Preserve memories and foster communities on the blockchain.
What is POAP?
POAPs are digital collectibles that anyone can collect to celebrate a meaningful experience.
POAPs are digital collectibles (NFTs). But also "POAP" is the name of the company / protocol that creates them, POAP inc.
POAP stands for ‘Proof of Attendance Protocol’
How are brands using POAP?
Loyalty Program Enhancement:
Our services integrate POAPs into your loyalty programs, offering customers unique digital tokens for significant contributions or support.

Exclusive Content Access:
We enable you to offer POAPs as keys to unlocking exclusive content or experiences, creating a unique value proposition for your audience.

Event Gamification:
With our services, you can gamify your events or activities, offering different POAPs for various levels of participation, driving engagement and interaction.

Community Decisions:
We help community leads distribute POAPs to those that vote on an important decision held within the community. This proves that they were a part of that contribution or change.

Proof of Purchase:
Using our technology, we can issue a POAP to your customers that securely verify that they support your brand and proof the purchase of a specific good or service.

Participation and Training Verification:
In educational or professional contexts, we help you issue POAPs as verifiable credentials, tracking participation and completion in courses or training programs.

Community Building:
We assist you in fostering a strong community spirit by offering POAPs for participation in community events or activities.

Community Engagement:
Online communities and groups can distribute POAPs to members for attending virtual meetings or contributing to community projects. It fosters a sense of belonging and encourages active participation.

Marketing and Promotion:
We help you incorporate POAPs into your marketing and promotional campaigns, creating unique incentives for customer engagement.

Fitness and Wellness Incentives:
We enable wellness centres to issue POAPs as digital rewards for attending classes or reaching milestones.

Cultural Engagement:
We assist museums and cultural institutions in issuing POAPs as digital souvenirs, encouraging cultural engagement and repeat visits.

Non-profit Recognition:
We help non-profits issue POAPs to volunteers or participants, serving as digital tokens of appreciation and records of involvement.

Physical Goods Tokenization service:
Thanks to our innovative NFC technology we can embed your POAP into whatever physical products

Environmental Initiatives:
As POAP NFTs are built on energy-efficient sidechains, they can be used in environmental campaigns to raise awareness, reward eco-friendly practices, or commemorate participation in green initiatives.

Concert & Fan Engagement:
Bands and artists can issue POAP NFTs to fans attending concerts, creating a unique connection and possibly offering exclusive content or future discounts to token holders.

Investment Memorabilia:
Though not typically used for buying or selling, some POAP NFTs from major events or significant moments might become valuable over time, similar to rare concert tickets or historical artifacts.

In essence, POAPs offer a versatile and innovative way to engage, reward, and connect with various audiences, whether in business, education, entertainment, or community building. Their potential applications are vast and continue to evolve with the growing interest in NFTs and blockchain technology. POAPs can be gifts from brands to their audience that acknowledge the contributions of members of a community.
Creating a POAP?
The distribution process is a vital aspect of using POAP. The goal is to reward only those who genuinely contributed or participated in the memory being celebrated. The protocol is stringent about distribution, requiring a specific method to be supplied to POAP before accepting any request. If a POAP is collected without fulfilling the required task, it diminishes the value for those who genuinely earned it.

Offering a pleasant experience to supporters or customers is essential. Considerable effort must be invested in crafting a POAP that accurately reflects the memory associated with a particular event. This includes detailed copywriting in the description and the creation of high-quality artwork that resonates with the collector's experience.

Collecting a POAP should represent a significant and meaningful experience. Simple actions like liking or retweeting a post on social media may not suffice. Instead, a POAP should commemorate something truly remarkable, such as attending the grand opening of a brand that later becomes highly successful.

In essence, the creation of a POAP is not just about issuing a digital token; it's about encapsulating a moment, a memory, or an achievement in a way that honors the quality, authenticity, and significance of the experience. It's a delicate balance that requires careful consideration and creativity.
How does it work?
Design & Claim:
Event organizers design a POAP using the Proof of Attendance Protocol. It must have an image, metadata related to time or date, and be claimed under the POAP smart contract address.

Organizers distribute the POAP through various means like QR codes at the event, download links via email, or using our NFC technology.

Claim & Collect:
Attendees can claim their POAP by scanning a QR code or entering a URL. They can store it in an Ethereum wallet or reserve it using an email address*.

Enjoy & Remember:
POAP NFTs serve as digital mementos of life experiences, commemorating attendance at events, concerts, or special milestones in both digital or real life.

This step is pivotal, setting POAP apart as the foremost web 3 onboarding protocol. Its brilliance lies in its accessibility, allowing anyone to collect a POAP without needing any prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies.